Volcanic Ash first-hand

In June a nearby volcano (40km due west) errupted and this area due east of the mountain is still feeling the effects when the winds blow from the west. We woke to a sky obscured by a thin ash cloud. As we headed north, then east and down valley we found ourselves cycling in a fine atmosphere of ash. As well, the sides of the road had varying amounts of ash piled up.

The middle section of this route is still being contstructed. Imagine cycling the Haast or Milford road 50 years ago. It was good travel underwheel and we had gravity on our side for a lot of it.

Our destination Villa La Angostura was like a bleak town after Armegedon with ash being blown around and little visability. We stayed at the deserted central campground. Tourism will have been hit hard with the eruption. Flights into the region cancelled full stop because of the continueing ash problems even 6 months later.

For us it is a minor hassle and hopefully not a health hazard!