Tourists for the day..

From Villa O’Higgens it was time for another ferry crossing (far from free this time) over to our check out of Chile. On the ride to the ferry a carrier screw sheared apart putting some pressure on to tie it together for the third time!

Because the weather was so good we did the add  on ferry ride to the O’Higgens glacier snout (one of the larger glaciers of the SoutherPatagonian ice shelf). We had the best day for it and we spent an hour at the 3km long glacier snout waiting for some glacier calving action to happen.

The glacier suprised us by not collapsing from the visible face but breaking a tower off from the ice shelf under the water and (quietly but suddenly) the tower emerged vertically up out of the water before crashing back down and creating some good wave action. I was poised with video so managed to capture it. The crew fished some ice out of the water and we were served a generous shot of whisky and glacier ice. Fun to be tourists for the day!