Hasta Luego Chile, Bienvenidos Argentina

After a beautiful sunrise we packed  and woke the border staff up to officially leave Chile as we wanted to start riding early. The first 6km were a mix of push up steep loose gravel and rideable 4wd. Then there are 12 km of very nice dirt track to the official international border Then there is 6km of single track.

With our small loads packed cunningly we could ride more than some of the very loaded cycle tourers that come thru this way.All in all it was a lot more rideable than we had been led to believe and it only took 3 hrs  to get to the Argentina border post on the northern shores of Lake Desierto and we had the spectacular tower of Fitz Roy in our forward view from the 6km mark .

No vehicles can make this section, only walkers and cyclists, and it is a pretty cool way to traverse an international border.