Waiting for the third..

After restful wet rest day we mount our trusty steads for the journey around Lago General Carrera. We were warned that it was a hilly day. Over the 70 odd km we had 1200m of climbing and descending and an overall zero height gain – i.e up 300 down 300, up 400 down 400 etc!. At least the road surface was fantastic.

Coming down one hill I was aware of strange noise on bike – stopped to investigate and the connection point of where the carrier joins the bike had snapped. Oops. But nothing a piece of string and a cable tie couldn´t  sort till I got to a welder man. Took it a bit easier.

Then number 2 – Alan noticed his rear tyre a bit soft. We pumped it up and carried on. The Schwalbe tyres we have are renowned for their unpuncutability so suprised that he may have a slow puncture.

The lago grande has an impressive outlet into another lake – lago betrand and the big orange bridge over the outlet was worthy of a few pics.

We had an amazingly strong tail wind that pushed us up (and then down)  the last 300m hill into Puerto Betrand – a small wee town where we camped in someones backyard and where I met my latest puppy friend and we fixed number 2 (the puncture)

ps. number 3 turned out to be a major breakage of Alan’s spoon when he was washing it!