Ushuaia and almost the end of the (very busy) road

Leaving the bakery was hard but better for the arteries than staying. We camped at the quirky Hains campground by Tolhuin’s Lago Fagnan enjoying the fresh air and a fire (wood was provided for a welcome change). Most campgrounds provide barbeque pits for people and it is what Argentinians do best – the bar-b-que. NZers thought they were the experts but the Argentinians are the pro’s. Not delicate cuts of meat or vege patty’s but massive cuts of meat or whole sides of beasts. Sadly we were unprepared!

We took two days to cycle the 107km to Ushuaia, we have plenty of time up our sleeve and as it turned out it was best for the weather with rain the first afternoon. We woke to frost  on our tent and the clearest skies for a while for our last day.

The road climbed over Paseo Garibaldi with fantastic views the whole way. We couldn’t believe how busy the road was with both scary big trucks and cars – the busiest for possibly 2 months. Not sure where everyone was coming and going to, but Ushuaia is the end of the road so there is no other way out.

We stopped for lunch before braving the final 10km. I think we were very lucky to get Ushuaia on a blue sky day. As a treat we checked into a hostel – we thought we deserved it! We woke up this morning to a dusting of snow on the mountains above town so justified a second night as well!

Route 3 carries on another 25km and into the National Park and tomorrow we will head out there for 2 nights (brrrrr) camping and some walking. Then we have a few more days before we fly to the tango capital Buenas Aries for some dance lessons…