The racers and the sloths

It is fun to be heading thru the riders on the Tour Divide – the north to south race that follows the GDMBR. It puts us to shame as these super athletes at the front of the pack are riding 200 miles a day (sleeping 4) tho’ I know I’d rather be a sloth!

We met Mike Hall, out in front by a country mile, at the Grubstake in Atlantic City. He got in just before the kitchen closed at 7, and then was heading out for another 90 miles to Warmsutter. Next day we met Chris Plesko, number 2. The amazing thing about him was that he is on a single speed bike – that is right – one gear!!

Number 3 didn’t stop to chat as he was trying to out ride Gareth Pellar from Melbourne. Gareth was friendly and gave us 5 minutes of his time. It is his first time on the race and is loving it. he seemed relaxed and by the next day he was in third position.

Number 4 (the erratic Frenchman we heard about later) didn’t stop and then we were excited to meet Brian Alder (who I know originally from university days) and a Belgium guy Stefan on the paved stretch of road south of Pinedale. Brian is also loving the race and was excited meeting people he knew en route.

It is only halfway thru the race so Brian has a fighting chance of a place…regardless he is up there with the other super humans!

Meanwhile us sloths, continue slowly northbound and take time to drink coffee in the middle of the road with fellow sloth, Dan, from Colorado. Thanks for the coffee Dan!