We pride ourselves on having less gear than many of the cyclists we met. Coming from a mountain/tramping background we are used to carrying the minimum – why take 2 pots and a fry pan when one pot will do?

Each trip we have taken a slightly different set up. The gear below is what we are using on this next trip to Peru and Ecuador in 2018


Bike Dept
Surly Pugsleys with Rohlhoff internal gears, synwave dynamo hub for charging
Brooke saddles
3″ tubeless Maxxis tyres
2 Salsa HD cages & 2 dry bags each
Ortlieb Medium seat bag each
Revelate Egress pouch each
Homemade: frame bag, front roll harness (& dry bag), 2 more small bags to attach to front of HD cages, feed pouches & jerry can (per person)
Homemade fuel tank (Alan), Ortlieb Cockpit (Jo)
Long thin suaged stainless cable with small padlock (homemade – just a deterant)
2 x bike click stand (awesome) – www.click-stand.com
Group Gear
Hilleberg Nallo 3
2 Thermarest NeoAir
1 x custom made duvet (this is warm and considerable bulk and weight saver)
inner sheets
1 lightweight daypackNote:
tent goes in one front harness
duvet & 2 mats in other
Kitchen department
Trangia bowl, titanium clickstand 
1.3 litre primus pan with baffle bottom and inside plastic bowl
plastic bottle for alcohol puro that we can purchase in most tiny towns in South America (methylated spirits)
2 lightweight plastic cups
2 spoons, 1 knife
1 sharp knife
armystyle can opener
cigarete lighter
a couple of small plastic containers for milk powder, sugar, salt and pepper
small plastic container for storing squashables like tomatoes on the road
Note – cooking stove depends on location
other cookers we have used – gas or petrol depending on destination, If only petrol available then we have multifuel stove
small first aid
chux multicloth for towels
1 toothbrush,toothpaste
camp suds
bum cream
ear plugs
Personal – Jo
1 liner shorts
I bike with a skirt if warm, mtn bike shorts if cool over top of liner shorts
1 lightweight travel pants
1 lightweight fleece pants
cycling legs
lightweight skirt
short sleeve shirt, lightweight t’shirt
long sleeve very light  top
long sleeve polypro
2 long sleeve merino
Marmot driclime jacket
primaloft jacket
2 bras
4 undies
2 pr lightweight sox, 2 pr thermal sox
thin liner gloves, thin fleece gloves and over mitts
cycle gloves
sun hat, thermal hat, wool hat, neck buff
v. lightweight windbreaker/vest
very lightweight goretex parka (z-packs.com)
very lightweight goretex overtrou (z-packs.com)
Salewa shoes (quite stiff soled – flat pedals)
fix it
needle, thread
duct tape
cable ties
strong thin cord – turned out to be invaluable
sleeping mat repair
contact adhesive
Repair Kit (click on image below)
bike repair/maintainance book loaded on kindle
IMG_3088(+) click to get larger viewSmall foot pump (Leysene)
2 spare tubes

Technical Dept
Small camera – Panasonic Lumix
2 spare camera battery & USB charger
pen drive for photo back up
Ipod Nano plus charge cord

2 small power packs that charge off our Dynamos
Kindle E-reader plus charge chord
2 Iphones with MapOut App – invaluable
Travel USB plug
2 small head torches
bike computerx1
small notebook, pen