Striking north again

Lady Luck shone us as we searched for a tent that would suffice and not cost too much. There was little in the stores which is surprising as it is a region of much trekking and mountaineering. Julio Olaza runs the only mountain bike company in Huaraz and we had met him when we left tyres for Mark and Hannah ( to pick up when they arrived there. Julio’s American brother in law runs Cafe Andino, our favourite haunt, and he had some Marmot tents. We were able to pitch them upstairs in the cafe and we got a good deal on a freestanding 3 person, mesh inner, tent. It was palatial, wouldn’t be as warm as the Hilleberg and was heavier but we were very happy with it.

Because of lost time returning to Huaraz we took two 7 hour busses to get us to Cajamarca. The windows of the bus were covered in a black mesh so it was a bit of a hellish day ride to Trujillo, not being able to see the scenery, followed by 5 hours in the bus station, then 7 more night hours where the comfy seats did allow some sleep. We know why we travel by bike and this confirmed it.

Dawn was breaking in Cajamarca as we enjoyed a sandwhich and quinoa drink from a street stall before riding the 6 km of cycle lane to the smaller town Los Baños del Inca and true to name there were steaming hot pools which we couldn’t bike past. There had been a light frost and we needed warming up. What a treat after the bus travel and it set us up for carrying on to a good campsite past the town of Esañada with the amazing mosaic decorated plaza. We had been unsuccessful all day finding alcohol puro for our cooker but finally found it at one of the last shops in town.

We enjoyed pitching the new tent and enjoying its spaciousness, but definitely a cooler casa as expected with another light frosty night. 

Next day we continued on the paved road to Celendin and were unlucky with the strong cool headwind that sapped our energy and made it a much harder day than it needed be. The Hotel Loyer looked inviting from the street with a large open courtyard with water feature and we looked no further. 

We are taking a day out here because my chesty cold needs a day off..