South America – Part 2..

Well it has been just over a year since our Patagonian journey and in two weeks we will be winging our way back to Santiago, Chile, for another 3 months exploring.

What will be the same?

  • same team – Alan, Jo and our old trek bikes
  • same length of time – just under 3 months
  • similar length journey – about 3,500km as the crow flies

What will be different

  • flash 14 speed Rohloff hubs that should be zero maintainance (and require lower brain power!) The Rohloffs are enclosed rear hub with  a linear 1-14 set of speeds, one gear shifter and same range of gears – NO DERAILLEARS
  • stronger carriers!
  • addition of front paniers to cope with long stretches between towns (maybe a week) and a couple of days between water sources = heavier loads
  • possiblility of up to minus 20 at nights but warmish days = more clothes
  • a new Hilleberg tent – HEAPS bigger and lighter than the old Minaret – no stealth camping as we went for friendly red
  • a lot of time around 4000m and close to 5000m passes to cross
  • not many trees!
  • long stretches of no fresh fodder
  • heading north not south
  • less internet on route

Our Route – click here for more info..