Our new 11kg life

New trip and new bike setup. We have ditched the carriers and panniers and our home is strapped to the frame of our fat bikes – following the growing ‘bike packing’ scene.

We have had an awesome summer of bike packing trips, our fat tyres inspiring us to explore the high open Central Otago tops as well as classic rides like the Old Ghost Rd, St James Cycleway and the Clutha Gold. Our shakedown trips have helped us sort gear carrying options and get fit for the long GDMBR journey from south to north. Most people ride the route North to South but because of our timing we will be going against the tide – we won’t meet people heading south till late June, the high passes up north are too snowed in to go south at this time of year.

We have cut our gear down to 11kg – still have a full tent, cooker etc – but have ditched the little extras that can be nice to have…

We flew to El Paso in Texas, Air New Zealand was kind enough to throw away our solar charger because it was packed in our checked in luggage, not hand carry, and then one of our bags missed the flight from Houston..but luckily reunited later in the day.

Next day we caught a Greyhound to Lordsburg thru a sand storm (couple of hours drive). In Lordsburg we reconstructed and packed our bikes before a meal at the golden arches (MacDonalds). We had a demanding mile long ride to the KOA – where everyday is a good day – and treated ourself to a cabin instead of camping. It was great to finally start the journey..

Enjoy some pics from the late summer and the start of our journey..

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