Mounting the Chicken..

Our first foray into the park started after dinner on our second day in Chalten. We only had an hr to walk to get to Lago Capri which is one of the smaller but more spectacular park campsites. We had to hire one pack and with Alan’s superior packing skills we squeezed all into/onto our 2 small packs.

Sunrise was spectacular -becomes a theme for us over the week we are here. From Capri we headed to the next ‘official campsite’ and dropped loads for a walk up to Lago Los Tres underneath Fitz Roy. Us and plenty of other trekkers – it is certainly not wilderness trekking here on the main routes and the challenge is to get out of synch with everyone elses schedules. The views more than make up for it tho.

We had spied Cerro Pollo (Mt Chicken) on the map and figured it would be a great viewing platform as it is opposite Fitz Roy so that was our next stop with our kit hoping to find water to be able to camp up there. The gully we followed up has small pools of water near the top so we were able to camp higher and do a run down for water. Before setting up camp we strolled up to the highpoint. We were right about the grand view – esp as next morning we could watch the light show from bed. Down in the valley below trekkers were arising at 4am to walk up to Lago Los Tres for the sunrise – tee hee hee

Next day we traversed to Lago Torre to camp and see the Cerro Torre sunrise – almost missed that one as we don’t have an alarm for the 6am sunrises. I took off with the crocs from the tent and Alan bemoans missing that one – he just wan’t fast enough out of the pit.

Back to El Chalten for the fantastic bakery and for Alan the fat steak he had ben dreaming about..