Ipod for bananas

We left House Santiago by biciclettas to our 11pm bus ride as the taxi option was too difficult to organise. My first turn out onto the street was onto the wrong side of the road – wondering why a car was coming towards me in my lane – luckily just a quiet side street!

The rest of the 50 minute bike into the city centre was on the wide footpath which was easy and safe travel. Back to the christmas tree – this time all lit up.

We were booked on overnight bus (12 hr journey) in semi-cama seating. Downstairs of double decker and semi recline seats. I went to sleep listening to my ipod. Woken at 5.30, instructions in rapid Spanish (mistaken for pitt stop but really meant bus changeover) and in the confusion of leaving our seats and our hand carry being moved across to other bus by the staff my wee ipod went ‘missing’. Bummer but luckily Alan has his. Started the trip off on a bit of a sour note but one can only move onward.

We landed in Villarica, on the shores of a large lake (lago) and after a brew up we ventured on the road around the lake to Pucon for a short first day. A stop on the black (volcanic) sand beach bought about a undies-togs-undies -togs hour.

On arriving in Pucon we were spontaneously┬áhanded three bananas by some tourists we passed – a very sweet gesture which made up for the mornings loss.

Pucon was a tourist town and sat under the volcano Villarica. As well as the great scenery it had various shoe makers. I indulged and bought a pair of leather top/wooden soled clog type shoes – good price but postage turned out to double it! See photo below of other ‘designer’ shoes for sale. Next time I buy jewellery.