Georgia on my mind…

Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind 

It is June and normally we are on the road by now but we have started a redevelopment on the section here in Albert Town. The small build in the backyard is 90% finished and we made the call to head off regardless (as per normal) and when we get back mid August we will move in so that stage 2 can begin (remove the old cottage that I have been in for 20 years and build a larger warmer version).

So we are ‘enjoying’ are last few days in the cottage, June fogs on the river and now winter snows arriving on the bigger mountains. Today we fly to Eastern Europe, leaving Amor in a toasty warm house in Queenstown with Veronika and family (Veronika’s dad is from Georgia as is Rachel (the fiery judge on Dancing With the Stars!) The Kardashian sisters are of Armenian origin so we are clearly going to countries of beautiful women!!

Our route in Georgia follows the Higher Caucasus mountains that separate the northern border of Georgia with Russia. The western border of Georgia is the Black sea and to the south are Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. In Armenia we will be following a route through the lower Caucasus mountains. Both countries are reportedly safe and friendly to travelers, and the food in Georgia is meant to be very good. The only concern are the large overprotective sheep dogs in a couple of regions we pass through – trained to keep their flocks safe from dodgy looking bike packers, wolves and bears – large and with big teeth they sound very fierce – might pay to be the faster biker!!

We are looking forward to being back in on our bikes on small tracks in big mountains through a Georgian summer – likely similar to a NZ one. We look forward to sharing the journey through the blog so stay tuned!

Last foggy sunrise for a while
You’e not leaving me again!