Bhutan Snowman Trek – not biking but..

After returning from Cusco we enjoyed the rest of a Wanaka winter, back-country and cross-country skiing and enjoying hanging out with Amor the Jack Russel and living in our little cottage by the Clutha river.

I had two months to put back on a few kg’s before jumping on the plane to Bhutan for a work trip guiding the Snowman Trek for World Expeditions. If you want to enjoy some photos from the 24 day Snowman trek- approx 350km, 11 high passes between 4600m and 5300m and rough rocky trails most of the way – a stunning walk in the Bhutanese Himalaya, I have set up a gallery on facebook and even if you are not a facebook user you can view the gallery if you click here

A few photos to tempt you to check out the full album