Santiago to Cusco

Note the archive posts are in reverse date order … enjoy the journey

Cycling the high Andes

Our trip last year finished in Santiago so this year we found ourselves cycling out of the Santiago airport northbound for Cusco via northern Argentina,

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Time with amigos

Now is the dry season in Bolivia but tell the weather gods that! Our rain in the Yungas forced a bus ride up to the

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Yunga ing..

We have been in Bolivia for over 3 weeks now and for the first 2 weeks we were at a constant 3700m and our major

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The Polar blast

The hostel owner at San Antonio (de los slow internet – note have uploaded rest of photos to last post now) mentioned a polar blast

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Sand,sun but no surf

Well the daily averages had to drop sometime and it is not due to altitude (yet) but sandy and undulating roads. We have worked out

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Avoiding the trucks

Sunday morning at the hostel we were woken before 6 with an  out of control drunk football team singing and banging pots. There are some

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